Surviving Climate Change

One American Humanist Association affiliate is urging local nontheists and other members of their community to consider concrete solutions to climate change. In the Rocky Mountain State, the Central Colorado Humanists have been facilitating a dialogue focused on mitigating the effects of climate change. In October 2019, more than 125 people attended a talk by Dr. Dan Bishop in Denver for the group’s monthly Sunday Science event.

Bishop’s talk, titled “Surviving Climate Change,” encompassed the effects of climate change on global living circumstances. With shifting weather patterns and rising sea levels, so-called “pockets of habitability” will become strategic places to avoid some of the worse consequences of drastically changing climates. Additionally, the increasing scarcity of resources will force humans to rethink our food and living choices.

Members of the audience urged Bishop to deliver his talk to groups of science teachers at local high schools in the area. In addition, a City Council member in attendance invited Bishop to speak to the wider local community and the City Council. By actively making their voices heard in their community, the Central Colorado Humanists are putting their commitments into action, raising awareness of the plights we will face together if climate change is not addressed now.

Feeling inspired? Host a local event and show you’re HERE for Climate.