Share on Social Media

Spreading the word on social media is an easy way to get involved. Below are some sample tweets, posts, and graphics to share. Stay tuned for more!

  • I’m #HEREforClimate because human problems require human solutions.
  • Being #HEREforClimate means calling my representatives and demanding they take climate change seriously.
  • Being #HEREforClimate means having honest and open conversations with friends and family about our climate reality.
  • Human action is important, but we have to put pressure on the largest polluters if we want to affect global change. I’m #HEREforClimate, are you? [tag/mention local large companies]
  • I’m a [humanist/atheist/agnostic/Christian/Muslim/etc.] and climate change affects me. #HEREforClimate
  • Plastic use around the world is increasing – even without America’s straws. Being #HEREforClimate means taking responsibility for what we consume and for what we waste. 
  • Populations of fish we consume the most have dropped more than 90% since the 1950s! Just one industry can have massive environmental consequences. Let’s be #HEREforClimate in reducing our overwhelming consumption. 
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