National Hanging Out Day

April 19, 2024 | Your home, apartment or community

April 19th of every year is National Hanging Out Day. It is a day dedicated to encouraging people and communities to learn about the benefits of air drying laundry.

It saves energy – a lot of energy. If you stop using your clothes dryer, you will cut your energy bill* by 8% on average. And that saves you money. (*either gas or electric, depending on your dryer type)

Your clothes will last longer. Using a clothes dryer abrades and ages your favorite clothing. That stuff in your lint trap used to be part of your clothes. Shirts and things that are ran through a drier get thin and ‘threadbare’ because the fuzzy part of the fabric all gets rubbed off in the drier. It’s good for your health. You spend a little more time outdoors (fresh air & sunshine). You get to slow down a little and hear the birds (nature & peace). You get a little exercise (carrying & stretching & bending).

It’s good for the planet. Less energy used means less coal dug up and less gas burned. That lowers carbon emissions and smokestack pollution.

Yes, this really is a USA certified “National Day” that started back in 1995.

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