Take Action | Live Sustainably.

Each of us shares a personal responsibility to conserve and protect Earth’s precious resources for all life that calls this planet home. Future generations depend on us-here and now-to live sustainably within our means so that life may flourish. Our individual choices and consumption habits can have far reaching consequences, and we should all be conscious of these effects and work toward living more sustainable lives. We developed toolkits and a comprehensive Personal Sustainability Guide to help get you started.

This is a comprehensive list of ways that you can shift your lifestyle to one that is more sustainable. Following every toolkit and making changes from each one may be a challenging task, so we recommend starting small and identifying the easiest changes that fit your lifestyle and build from there. If we each follow a fraction of the advice above, we will be well on our way to a greener, more sustainable society. But remember, you can always do more!

Now Make a Pledge

Tell us how you plan to start living more sustainably! No choice is too small or big to celebrate. We may share your pledge and climate action in a story or on social media alongside other humanists who are #HEREforClimate. We won’t share identifying information.