Take Action | Learn More.

Educating yourself on the topics of climate change and how it affects Earth’s populations is the first step towards a more sustainable society. Not only does it take your own, individual time diving into books, films, and other sources of media, it also takes reaching out to others to talk about climate change, action, and justice. We have a duty to use our resources and privilege to help curb climate change and its effects.

We put together a comprehensive list of ways that you can get involved with resources. The list has a lot of resources and can be overwhelming at first glance, but don’t be discouraged! Start small, find a topic that interests you, and pick one resource to dive into. If we each take a moment to look inward and dedicate to learning more, we can spread that inward reflection to others, thus working towards a greener, more sustainable society!

Now Make a Pledge

We want to know how you are dedicating your time to be HERE for Climate. Tell us how you are learning more! No choice is too small or big to celebrate. We may share your climate action in a story or on social media alongside other humanists who are #HEREforClimate. We won’t share identifying information.