Take Action | Advocate Now.

Mobilizing your built-in communities and advocacy play a crucial role in climate action. It is one thing to be aware of climate change and its detrimental effects, but it takes dedication to act on that awareness and live a more sustainable life. One way to do this is through community action with events and policy. Here we give you ways in which you can work with your community for climate action.

We put together a comprehensive list of ways that you can get involved and resources to help you follow through with those ways. Three are many ways to get involved, and the list does not end with ours! It can be overwhelming, but don’t be discouraged! Start small. Learn more about a topic that interests you and follow through with that direction. If we each take steps to advocate for ourselves, our community, and our planet, then we are contributing to a greener, more sustainable society!

Now Make a Pledge

We want to know how you are dedicating your time to be HERE for Climate. Tell us how you are advocating in and for your community! No choice is too small or big to celebrate. We may share your climate action in a story or on social media alongside other humanists who are #HEREforClimate. We won’t share identifying information.