Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strike

September 20, 2019 | 2:45pm | Diridon Station, San Jose, CA

As you may know, thousands of students around the world will join Greta Thunberg and other #FridaysForFuture protesters in a Global Climate Strike. We are striking in San Jose to spread awareness and demand action NOW from our local government. It’s our future, and we need to stand up for it. When YOUTH stand up in numbers impossible to ignore, calling for a change? Then the media, politicians, and our world LISTEN. We need to show up and make our demand for a livable future heard. Being a part of this historic global youth climate strike will be an incredible, inspiring experience that honors our right to a safe climate, ecosystems, and earth.

Our strike will begin with individual walkouts at various schools. (For more information about the strike, go to: or email No matter what level of participation you can achieve, any action in solidarity helps! Host a walkout! Host a rally! Or even just host an art build to make posters that express your concern for the environment. Then, the next step is to spread the word (flyers, videos, social media posts, word of mouth) to your teachers and classmates, family and friends about this opportunity! The climate crisis is a problem that will affect EVERYONE. We know that your team is working towards the greater good, so we hope you can join us! 

For schools where this is possible) After the school rally, students should find their way to Diridon Station and meet there before 2:45. We will then march to San Jose City Hall and have a rally on the City Hall steps from 4 to 5 pm, which will consist of speakers elaborating on our mission and purpose along with how everyone can continue their actions past the strike. And of course, we’ll have chants and other ways to get hyped and demand action!

Learn more on our Facebook event here.