2020 World Humanist Congress Miami

August 6-9, 2020 | Miami, FL

The American Humanist Association is proud to host the 2020 World Humanist Congress in Miami (Florida, USA) in partnership with Humanists International. The Congress brings together over 100 humanist, atheist and skeptic organizations from around the globe. Join us in connecting delegates from over fifty countries for a three-day program of plenary sessions and panel discussions. Enjoy international speakers, workshops, leadership and campaign training, arts and performances, and vital networking to make connections to strengthen and build the global movement.

The 2020 Congress will focus on the values and ideas that unite the global humanist movement. What brings us together to create a cohesive global humanist culture? What does it mean to be humanist? We’ll examine humanist perspectives on human rights, the importance of supporting apostates and ending blasphemy laws, the humanist role in issues of migration and the climate crisis, approaches to death and loss, the role of young humanists, humanist education, our role in mass media and much more. We will forge new connections and strengthen existing contacts, helping to better understand each other and grow the humanist community around the globe.

Learn more and register now at humanism2020.org.